Interrupting Torque

Shearbolt clutches

The shear-bolt clutch is the simplest form of torque-interrupting clutch. If the permissible clutch torque is exceeded, a bolt is sheared off and power transmission thus interrupted.

The energy to be transmitted is converted into plastic deformation energy. The transmissible clutch torque is dependent on the effective radius of the cross-sectional area of the bolt, and its shear strength.

A more advanced clutch in place of the shearbolt clutch is the cam cut-out clutch.


Self-loading trailers, manure spreaders, feed mixer wagons, power harrows and more.

Cam cut-out clutch

Cam-type cut-out clutches belong to the group clutches with automatic reengagement function.

In the cam-type cut-out clutch, spring-loaded cams radially engage special grooves in the housing. When the clutch torque is exceeded, the cams are pressed into a pair of spring-loaded shift rings as a result of vectorial force resolution and lock with them. When the reengaging speed of 180 to 300 rpm is reached, the cams slide back into their starting position.

The clutches only operate in one direction. Owing to the central spring arrangement, the clutch is not suitable for a through-mounted shaft. 


Round and Square Balers, Silage Wagons, Power Harrows, Rotary Hoes and more.

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